Schedule of Events

With Judith Blackstone

With Other Realization Process Teachers

June, 2018

Healing Trauma Summit

June 4-13, 2018

Presented by Sounds True
Judith Blackstone will present at 4:00 ET on June 4.  Her presentation will be available for 24 hours.

[You can own the whole summit for $297.  To purchase the summit and receive bonus gifts, click here.]

Realization Process Retreat

June 20-24, 2018

Whidbey Island, Washington
With Judith Blackstone
Sold out – Contact us at [email protected] to be placed on a waiting list.

Introduction to the Realization Process

June 24, 4:30-6:30

East-West Bookstore in Seattle, WA
With Judith Blackstone

Realization Process One-Day Workshop

June 25, 10-3:30

Seattle, Washington
With Judith Blackstone
To register, contact Victoria Santos: [email protected]

The Realization Process & Liquid Music: Portals to Extraordinary Creativity

June 22-24, 2018

Esalen in Big Sur, California
With Roma Hammel

September, 2018

Realization Process Online Teachers Summit

September 15, 2018 – 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern

With Judith Blackstone

On Zoom – the summit will be recorded and available for download

Judith will teach the Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness. She will also answer supervisory and personal practice questions as well as logistical and promotional questions about teaching the Realization Process.  Participants will have the chance to introduce themselves for the purpose of networking with each other and possibly co-teaching or pooling resources for promotion.

Cost – $50

Advanced Realization Process Trauma Repair Certification Training

September 21-25, 2018 in Woodstock; October-December, 2018 online

With Judith Blackstone

Sold out – contact us at [email protected] to be put on a waiting list.

Stillness Flowing

September 2018-June 2019

Los Altos Hills
With Roma Hammel
A new nine-month program drawing on the integrative power of Realization Process practices to catalyze our transformative growth in three inter-related dimensions of life: feeling vibrantly alive and at home in our own bodies, dissolving obstacles to greater intimacy, and cultivating creativity, spontaneity, and joy.

October, 2018

Spiritual Psychotherapy (Healing Ground) Teacher Certification Training

October 12-16, 2018

Woodstock, New York
With Judith Blackstone

Part one: October 12-16, 2018
Part two: May 3-7, 2019

Cost – $730 for each part ($530 is you are repeating the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training)

This training includes the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, and teaches their application to personal maturity and psychological healing. Specific practices are taught for listening and responding to another person as fundamental consciousness, for subtle reading of constrictions and openness in one’s own and another person’s body, and for recognizing and releasing emotional wounds and trauma-based constrictions from the body.  The Realization Process practices can help people access a dimension of themselves that has never been injured, that is deeper and more subtle than even the most strongly held negative beliefs, depression and anxiety.  They also develop sensory and emotional resilience, grounding, self-possession, and self-acceptance.  They can help sensitive people live more comfortably in the world.

For certification:  Between parts one and two, you need to complete six practice sessions with someone from within the group and two sessions with someone from outside of the group and submit a brief written report on these sessions.

Registration is a commitment to complete both parts one and two of the training.

There are many hotels and airbnbs in the area.  Reservations for lodging should be made soon as October is beautiful “leaf season” in Woodstock.

To register, pay a deposit of $400.  $200 will be applied to part one of the training and $200 will be applied to part two.  Your deposit is refundable, minus a $50 cancellation fee, if you cancel up to two weeks before the start of part one.

Embodiment Teacher Certification Online Training

October 5-December 14, 2018; February 1-April 12, 2019

Woodstock, New York
With Judith Blackstone

Cost – $1300 ($950 if you are repeating the Embodiment Training)

This training includes the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, as well as specific embodiment and gentle movement practices for cultivating internal unity, balance, fluidity, presence and subtle energy within the body. As the embodiment of fundamental consciousness, we become both empty and present at the same time. We know ourselves as the integration of awareness, emotion and physical sensation. We perceive, understand, touch, move, and express ourselves with the whole breadth of our being. Participants will learn how to recognize and help people resolve chronic imbalances and tensions in the body that limit their embodiment and realization of fundamental consciousness.

Format: Twelve classes on Zoom with Judith. Fridays, 1:00-2:30 Eastern. Dates of classes (some may change): October 5, 19, November 9, 16, November 30, December 14, 2018, February 1, 15, March 1, 15, 29, April 12, 2019. All classes are recorded and are available for download – you do not have to attend the classes.

For certification: Weekly practice with someone from within the group. Monthly practice with someone from outside of the group. Reports and questions responded to by Judith via email twice a month.

December, 2018

Realization Process Weekend Workshop

December 8-9, 2018

Judith will teach all aspects of the Realization Process.

Details and registration will be available soon at

Ongoing Realization Process Classes

Realization Process Meditation Class

Mondays, 7:00 to 8:15 PM Eastern

New York City
With Diana Bahn
This class is designed for people who already have a meditation practice or are brand new meditation. Everyone is welcome.
More info: [email protected]
(917) 301-6879

Realization Process Online Community Practice

Sundays, 10:00 AM Pacific

on Zoom
With Candace Cave
Open to anyone with previous practice experience in the Realization Process.
Drop-ins welcome, free or by contribution

Realization Process Group

Mondays, 7:00 to 8:15 PM Eastern

Edinburgh, UK
With Cindy Cunningham
Meets twice-weekly
(917) 301-6879

Realization Process Ongoing Classes

Mondays, 7:00 to 8:15 PM Eastern

Chakra Garden, 348 North Main Street, Ashland, Oregon
With Zeb Lancaster, PhD
Meets twice-monthly on Tuesdays, at 6:00 PM for 90 minutes. No cost to attend. All welcome. No experience necessary.  Please phone before attending: 541-292-9876.

Realization Process series:

With Roma Hammel

June 3, Sep 8, Dec 31, 2018 – Sunday Silent Intensive for Experienced Realization Process Meditators

Los Altos Hills

Mondays – Being in Unity Consciousness series for experienced Realization Process meditator

Los Altos Hills

Tuesdays – Spiritual Psychology (Healing Ground) Study Group 

Online (Zoom)
online series for recognizing and releasing limiting somatic patterns in a (confidential) field of mutuality

Tuesdays – Unity in Community

Online (Zoom)
online series for experienced meditators committed to accessing the unity of self-other that’s so deeply healing for each of us, for others, and for this planet

Wednesdays – Women Living Joyously

Los Altos Hills
series featuring meditation and tea time for women committed to intimacy, authenticity, and depth

Thursdays – Satsang – Everyone is Welcome

Los Altos Hills
Drop in – Guided meditation and dialogue
7-8:45 pm

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