Schedule of Events

​Workshops and Classes with Judith Blackstone

and Realization Process Teachers

September, 2024

The Fullness of the Ground: Practices for Embodied Nondual Realization

Four Mondays: September 9, 16, 23, 30 – 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern

With Judith Blackstone

Online, Via Zoom

Judith will teach the practices from her new book for experiencing the wholeness, steadiness, depth, fluidity, subtlety and permeability of nondual realization.  She will teach ways to stabilize in your attunement to fundamental consciousness in your daily life.  As taught in the Realization Process, nondual realization has a profound effect on your senses, your breath, your experience of your own authentic existence, your relationships, and your ability to love.  You mature as an individual as you transcend your individuality to experience oneness with everyone and everything around you.  You are both empty and present, at the same time.

Small group format.  Judith will work individually, in front of the group, with anyone who wants assistance with the practices.  Classes are recorded and available to participants.

Everyone is welcome!

If you are new to the Realization Process, please download Registration Fullness of the Ground Series fill it out and email it to us at [email protected].

Reading – The Fullness of the Ground, by Judith Blackstone, available in local bookstores and online

Cost – $500.

November, 2024

Realization Process Retreat: Healing the Five Qualities

With Judith Blackstone

In Person!

This retreat is now full. Please contact us to be put on a waiting list.

At the Stone Chalet in Ann Arbor, Michigan

November 13-17, 2024, Wednesday-Saturday, 10:00-4:30, with a break for lunch, and Sunday, 9:30-12:00

When we uncover fundamental consciousness as the undivided ground of our being, we can also experience the innate qualities of our being within our body. This retreat will focus on healing and deepening your embodiment of the five primary qualities your being: sexuality, power, love, voice and understanding.  We will use the Realization Process meditation, embodiment and trauma release practices, along with movement, sound, self-inquiry and group discussion and support to help heal early wounding and enhance both the feel and the function of each of these qualities.  As fundamental consciousness, we mature as individuals at the same time as we transcend our individuality to experience oneness with everyone and everything around us.  Everyone is welcome!

To book a room at the Stone Chalet, 1917 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor – call  734-417-7223. There are just four rooms left, so reserve your room soon!

The reservation needs to be made over the phone, but to see the rooms, visit 

If you are new to the Realization Process, please download this form Registration.Five.Qualities, fill it out and email it to us at [email protected].

Cost – $765  To be put on a waiting list, contact us at [email protected].

Series, Workshops and Ongoing Classes with Realization Process Teachers

Ongoing Classes

Realization Process Study Group

With Marcia Haarer, LMSW & Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP

Online, Via Zoom

First Sunday of each month, 10:30 am – 12 noon, Eastern

Each month time is spent on a few basic practices and a topic of the day. These topics change each month and are often aligned with current social issues and/or mini-teachings from Marcia and Christi. The group is open to those who have some experience with RP. Participants need to apply to be in the group prior to acceptance, to ensure group cohesion.

If interested, please contact [email protected]

Thursday Continuous Practice Group

With Cindy Cunningham

Online, Via Zoom

First Thursday of each month, 6:00-7:15 PM BST

Providing a space for nurture and support. This is an immersive hour and a quarter of continuous guided practice, so you can settle in deep, rest your mind, and at the same time have the support of the group focus. All are welcome, but if you are new to the Realization Process please let me know.

Drop in, by donation.  For more information and to receive the Zoom link: email[email protected]

Realization Process Classes

With Liz Hartshorn, LMT, RCST

Online, Via Zoom

Mondays and Thursdays, 12:00-12:30 PM Eastern – Free

For more information or to receive your Zoom link: email [email protected],

Realization Process Online Community Practice

On Zoom (80 minutes)

Sundays 10:00AM & Mondays 4:00PM Pacific Time Hosted by Candace Cave & Guest RP Teachers

On-going, reliable (weekly since 2016), supportive guided practice for dedicated RP practitioners & students. An online place to gather with others deepening embodied awakening via RP. Participants ask & answer questions, share experience, & practice myriad RP exercises. Sit in community within the unified field of fundamental consciousness.  Drop-ins welcome, but please communicate with Candace before initial attendance [email protected]. Audio recording provided to all participants.

Cost: $5 or donation. More Information:

Weekly Guided Realization Process Meditation

With Zeb Lancaster, PhD

Now online on Zoom

Fridays, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Eastern

60-minute Guided Realization Process practice for embodied nondual awakening as a path to deepening contact with yourself while in relationship, for healing trauma and awakening spiritually. Followed by Optional 15-minutes for questions & discussion. Everyone welcome.

$5 or donation. Links online:    Email:[email protected]

Weekly Realization Process Class

With Sophia Argyris & Kirsten Goodemote


Mondays 13.30-14.30 UK time (BST/GMT)

A friendly and welcoming small group Realization Process class. 60 minutes of guided practice, with the opportunity for discussion at the end of class. Please contact Sophia with any questions or to book in advance so that you can receive the Zoom link.  [email protected]

Realization Process Stillness Moving Class

With Amy Palatnick

Online or In-Person in Aptos, California

Fridays 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific

Stillness Moving is a guided Realization Process Meditation movement sequence, developed by Judith Blackstone. Amy’s teaching style is joyful and lighthearted, supporting all levels of experience. This simple movement meditation practice deepens our embodiment and can have profound healing effects when practiced regularly. With practice, we become more luminous, attuned to the quality-rich space of fundamental consciousness. Students have the option to join live classes in person (in Aptos, California), join on Zoom, or just receive the weekly recordings. Everyone who pays for class receives the weekly class videos, which expire after 7 days. This way, students are able to practice the sequence between live classes.
$10 – $15 Sliding scale, drop-in. For Zoom information, email [email protected]

Realization Process Community Practice, In-Person

With Laura Seligman and Karen Kerns
Dexter, Michigan
Second Sunday of the month, 9:30-11:00 AM
We welcome you to gather for the support of immersive practices guided by certified teachers. This is open to all those with some experience. It is freely offered with an invitation for a small donation. We meet in Laura’s studio near Ann Arbor.
Email for details: [email protected]

Weekly Continuous Practice Group

With Jason von Halle
Online Via Zoom
Wednesdays, 8:30 – 9:30am Pacific

This ongoing, drop-in practice group offers a unique weaving together of Realization Process meditation and embodiment practices.  The first 30-45 minutes will be continuous practice, with optional discussion time at the end.  This is an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of practicing in a group, with guidance, and without any expectation of interaction.  All are welcome! 

Cost: $5 or $10 per class. More info at

Realization Process Teacher Community

A peer network for Realization Process teachers to develop connections, learn from each other, and offer mutual support. All graduates of any RP teacher training are welcome. Our programs include an email group, a shared contact list, a newsletter, online meetings for practice teaching and discussion, special events, and more.
For information and to get in touch, go to

Heart and Healing Within Chronic Pain

With Christi Bemister, MEd, PsyD
Online Course

Join me on a transformative journey in the “Heart and Healing Within Chronic Pain” course! I designed this course with the aim of assisting individuals and therapists in managing and relieving chronic pain. We focus on the importance of compassionate self-treatment, the psychological and physical dimensions of pain, and key concepts such as the difference between acute and chronic pain, brain areas affected by chronic pain, and the potential for healing, using Realization Process as a foundation. This is a 5 Module Online Curriculum with the lectures, guided practices, and self exploration work fully recorded and available for you to take at your own pace right away.

For more information and enrollment go here:

Series and Workshops

June, 2024

Realization Process Practices in Hindi

With Kishore Bubna, PhD


June 22, 23, 29 and 30, 8:00 am – 10:00 am India Time

The Realization Process is a series of practices for attuning to fundamental consciousness pervading our body and environment. It offers a unique approach to cultivating internal cohesion, authenticity, and increased vitality by integrating cognition, emotion, and physical sensation. Through this series tailored for Hindi speakers, you’ll learn foundational techniques and principles that facilitate deep contact with your innermost being and foster a deeper connection with the world around you.

Cost: INR 6000 Visit for details and to apply.

Free Open Group Session: Finding Nourishment Within

With Fiona Ballmer


Friday, June 28, 1:00 pm EST

An open online session for everyone interested. Experience the nourishment you will receive when you are deeply grounded within yourself. Rooted in the ground of your being. Let yourself breathe and be nourished. Let yourself receive. Realization Process based and inspired practices combined with breathing practices, inquiry and discussion.

Infos and registration: Cost: Free

July, 2024

Free Workshop - Being There for Yourself

With Kishore Bubna, PhD


Saturday, July 13, 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon Pacific

In our hectic lives, we tend to our careers, care for our loved ones, follow the news, and prioritize entertainment, but seldom do we take the time to truly connect with ourselves. This experiential two-hour workshop invites you to come home to yourself through Realization Process and embodiment practices. Designed to help you reconnect with your inner self, this course provides practical strategies to cultivate presence, build emotional resilience, and enhance personal well-being.

Cost: FREE. Visit: for details and to apply

Awaken into the Wild Heart of Reality: a Deepening Retreat

With Roma Hammel, PhD

Los Altos Hills, California

July 22-26

Do you seek to realize the nonduality of your innate nature? Do you long to feel the utter truth of it throughout your whole body? Weaving Realization Process and Taoist practices with movement, touch, sound, art, dialogue, and nature, we unbind the senses, free the mind, and release subtle fragmentations within our own Being and between us and our environment. Implicit in this extraordinary process is a cosmological kind of wild freedom. Thoughts, sensations, and perceptions occur as a unity. Nourished by nature and nurtured by the kindness of others, our hearts become wild and fierce, our bodies luminous and self-aware, our minds keen and clear. This in-person retreat is For experienced RP meditators who can sustain consciousness of the unified field for 90+ minutes. It is not focused on psychological work but instead on deepening attunement to the unified field of consciousness pervading us as a group.

For more details: [email protected]

Self-Compassion in Action

With Kishore Bubna, PhD


Saturdays: July 27, August 3, 10, 17 and 24 – 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon Pacific

This online series is an invitation to discover the power of fully inhabiting your body with warmth and tenderness, deepening the feeling of compassion for yourself from a cognitive practice to a somatic immersion. Through a blend of guided Realization Process techniques, embodiment practices, gentle movements and somatic inquiries, shift from abstract concepts of self-care and self-compassion to experiencing yourself as the unchanging, non-conceptual ground of warm presence. Feel held and nurtured by your own innate consciousness, deepening the connection with your true self.  Let’s gather, be nourished, be touched, and heal.

Cost: $250 (includes 30 min private session).  Visit for details and to apply

August, 2024

Five Days of Realization Process Practice

With Theresa Scott

Online, via Zoom

August 5-9, 11:00 AM Eastern

Join us in supportive community, developing, deepening and stabilizing our grounding in the truth of who and what we are, in fundamental consciousness. These gentle, embodied, non-dual meditation practices will help you awaken to and embody your essential self, experience both your unique wholeness and your oneness with life, relate to yourself and others with increased openness, authenticity, and depth, and feel grounded, vibrant and transparently present.  

Note: this course fulfills the RP Teacher Certification Training registration requirements for prior experience with a Senior Realization Process Teacher.

Cost: $135  For more information, visit: August 2024 Week of RP Practice or email me at [email protected].

Being with the Messiness of Transformation

With Fiona Ballmer


Five Fridays, August 23, 30, September 13, 20, 27 – 1.00pm-2.30pm Eastern

Transformation is a natural part of human life. But growth and change can at times feel challenging, messy and disorienting. The same applies – or even more so – to spiritual transformation. As we open up to the path of letting our beingness pervade our human form and of bringing light into the darkness of our wounds, this process of awakening brings deep transformation – phases of openings and phases of great challenge.  In this 5-part course we explore the topic of transformation and deepen into spiritual aspects that support us to welcome the waves of inner and outer change. The course is an invitation to open up to the challenging phases of transformation as a chance to heal and to become more empty to be a vessel for the light. Realization Process based and inspired practices combined with breathing practices, inquiry and discussion.

Information and registration:  Cost: $160

September, 2024

Advanced Guidance for Fully Certified Realization Process Teachers

With Candace Cave, Cindy Cunningham and Theresa Scott

Online, via Zoom

Nine Fridays: September 6 – December 6, 2024. 1:00-3:30pm Eastern

For RP teachers fully certified in Embodiment, Meditation and Healing Ground. Practical applications for
preparing, promoting, facilitating, and teaching Realization Process classes, series, workshops, and
private sessions. Bring questions and challenges. Find inspiration and support from three RP Senior
Teacher Trainers, and from your peers.

Information and Application: RP Advanced Guidance

Realization Process Essential Portals to Awakening

With Candace Cave

Online, via Zoom

Saturday, September 28, 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM Pacific

Expect a gentle, deep, whole-being journey into Realization Process essential practices & principles. We explore the primary RP practices with guided exercises, discussion, & readings from Judith Blackstone’s writings. Participants gain comprehensive experience with all aspects of RP. Appropriate for beginners & experienced students. Audio recording shared with participants. Registration limit of 3-8 allows ample time for questions & discussion. Meets the requirements for Realization Process Teacher Training.

$175. For more information & to register: RP Essentials

October, 2024

Realization Process: A Month (or Week) of Weekday Practice in October

With Theresa Scott

Online, via Zoom

Monday-Friday, October 1-31, 11:00 AM Eastern

Join us for the month of October in a supportive community, developing, deepening and stabilizing our grounding in the truth of who and what we are, in fundamental consciousness. We will start with the basic Realization Process exercises to deepen our integration of those practices. We will work on various “stretches” to facilitate the more advanced practices in which we will engage later in the month.  We will practice together as a group Monday through Friday for 60 to 75 minutes. Classes will be recorded and shared (audio only) with registered participants. You can also join us for the first five days of practice only, or the first 10 days of practice only.  Note: participation in the first five days of practice meets the live training requirements for the Realization Process Teacher Certification Trainings.

Cost: $534 with individual session included, $399 without individual session, 1st 5 days of practice only: $135, 1st 10 days: $270 

For more information, visit: October Month of Realization Process Practice

Conferences, Courses and Past Webinars with Judith

Sounds True - The Healing Trauma Program

A Nine-Month Training to Regulate Your Nervous System, Embody Safety, and Become a Healing Presence
Starts February 6, 2023

Thirteen leaders in the trauma recovery field, including Judith Blackstone, Peter Levine, Thomas Hubl, Gabor Mate and Resmaa Menakem teach their approaches to helping people heal from the effects of trauma.

Register here.

Free audio recordings by Gabor Mate (interviewed by Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein), Konda Mason, Deb Dana and Resmaa Menakem are also available here.

Radical Recovery Summit - Free

January 13-22, 2023

Lynn Fraser interviews Judith Blackstone and other leaders in the recovery field, including Gabor Mate, Scott Kiloby and Scott Lyon about their approaches to helping people heal from the effects of trauma.

Sounds True Presents: Trauma Skills Summit

August 17-26, 2020

Twenty-four leaders in the field of trauma healing, including Judith Blackstone, Peter Levine, Daniel Siegel, and Richard Schwartz discuss their approach to helping people heal from the effects of trauma.  Presentations are pre-recorded.  Judith’s presentation was shown on August 23.

To own the summit, (bonus: receive three free books by Judith Blackstone, Peter Levine and Richard Schwartz), for $208: click here

Know ThySelf Conference

Presented by Pure Presence Conferences

April 22 – 24, 2022

Online, Via Zoom

Twenty-five spiritual teachers offered ways to deepen contact with one’s true nature.  Judith’s presentation was How the Self Knows the Self, presented on Saturday, April 23, at 11:15 AM – 12:25 PM Eastern.  She taught the main Realization Process practices for uncovering a fundamental dimension of consciousness that is experienced as the authentic ground of our being, pervading our body and environment.

  To purchase replays and recordings

The Wisdom of Trauma - a Film and Talks on Trauma, part two


This is a showing of a beautiful, moving, important film, The Wisdom of Trauma, featuring Dr. Gabor Mate, and discussion by thirty-five authors, spiritual teachers and trauma healing experts.  It took place on October 4-10, 2021.  A Realization Process meditation, led by Judith Blackstone, started at 8:00 AM Pacific on October 5, to help participants remain grounded and present as they received the often painful but redeeming message of the film.  Imagine a world in which instead of people judging themselves or each other to be weak or bad, they could see through to the traumatic origins of their suffering and heal.

Payment is by donation.  Register Here.

Embodied Psychology Summit - July 22-26, 2020

Five-day summit: Teachers, researchers and healers in the Embodiment and Body Psychotherapy fields, including Judith Blackstone, Stephen Porges, Christine Caldwell, Pat Ogden and Don Hanlon Johnson present ways to heal trauma, stress and pain. Includes bonus gifts.

Cost – $297 – To purchase

Tracing Trauma

Online Conference Presented by Embodied Philosophy

Thirteen presenters, including Judith Blackstone, Stephen Porges, Richard C. Miller and Rae Johnson, speak about spiritual and embodied approaches to healing from trauma.

You can purchase the conference for $197.  You will receive videos, audio recordings and transcripts of all presentations as well as bonus material from each of the presenters and 15 CEUs from Yoga Alliance.

SAND Webinar with Judith Blackstone - Trauma and the Unbound Body

Judith teaches the main Realization Process practices, and their application to psychological healing, and the release of trauma-based constrictions from the body.  Three-class webinar presented by Science and Nonduality (SAND), 2019. $35

To purchase

The Integrated Awakening Conference, September 17-20, 2021

Judith Blackstone joined with twenty-five spiritual teachers and musicians for a conference on living as the embodiment of nondual realization.  Judith taught the main Realization Process practices and spoke about their application to living a more open, grounded, compassionate life.  Her presentation was on September 19 at 4:45 PM Eastern.

To purchase

SAND Webinar with Judith Blackstone - Presence and Emptiness

In this three-class webinar, Judith teaches and explains the main practices of the Realization Process, a direct path to embodied, nondual awakening.  Presented by Science and Nonduality (SAND), 2020. $35 To purchase

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