Schedule of Events

Workshops, Classes and Trainings with Judith Blackstone

and Realization Process Teachers

January, 2021

Realization Process Supervision Group

Mondays, January 25, February 1, 8, 2021

1:00-2:30 PM Eastern

Online, via Zoom
With Judith Blackstone

This group is open to anyone certified in the Healing Ground (or Spiritual Psychotherapy) aspect of the Realization Process who is currently using or wants to use RP in their psychotherapeutic work with clients.  This is a chance for you to present a client and ask Judith questions about when, why, and how to bring the Realization Process practices into your work.  Small group format.

Cost – $180.  To register, contact Judith at [email protected].

Embodiment and Nondual Realization - Free Seminar

Presented by Embodied Philosophy

Tuesday, January 26, 12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern

Online, via Zoom
With Judith Blackstone

Judith will speak about how we can uncover fundamental consciousness, the unified ground of our being, pervading our body and environment, by inhabiting the internal space of our body.  She will introduce the main Realization Process practices and gentle movement and chanting practices for more fully embodying nondual realization.

Register here.

February, 2021

Realization Process: A Month of Weekday Practice in February

with Theresa Scott
Online, Via Zoom
10:30 AM Eastern, Monday through Friday, February 1-26  

Let’s spend the month of February together developing, deepening and stabilizing our grounding in the truth of who and what we are, in fundamental consciousness. We will start with the basic Realization Process practices, and through the month, work on various “stretches” to facilitate the more advanced practices in which we will engage later in the month.  We will practice together as a group Monday through Friday, for 60 to 75 minutes, at 10:30 AM Eastern. One 60-minute private session is included in your registration fee. Classes will be recorded (audio only) and shared with registered participants. 

Cost: $400  Returning Students: $350

For more information, visit: February Month of RP Practice

Realization Process: Moving and Chanting as Fundamental Consciousness

Presented by Embodied Philosophy
With Judith Blackstone
Online, Via Zoom
Tuesdays, February 9, 16, 23, March 2 – 12:00-2:00 PM Eastern 

Judith will teach the main Realization Process practices as well as gentle movement exercises for moving with our whole being, and specific sounds for opening the chakras. When we chant as we move, the vibration of the sounds awakens, opens, and energizes the whole internal space of our body. This enables us to open more completely to fundamental consciousness, pervading our body and environment as a unity.

Cost: $149

Realization Process Online Meditation Retreat

With Judith Blackstone


Saturday and Sunday, February 27-28, 2021
1:00 – 3:30  PM Eastern
Online, via Zoom

For cultivating the steadiness, depth, wholeness and subtlety of nondual realization.

A chance to meditate deeply and calmly, with Judith’s guidance and the support of the group.These practices open you to the authentic, unified ground of your being—fundamental consciousness pervading your body and environment as a unity. Judith will teach the main Realization Process practices, as well as specific meditations, breathing, chanting, and visualization practices for nondual realization.  She will answer questions and work individually (in front of the group) with anyone who wants assistance with the practices.
Small group format. The classes will be recorded. Everyone is welcome.

Cost: $200

To register:

September, 2021

Trauma Repair Advanced Certification Training

With Judith Blackstone

A decision will be made on May 1, 2021 as to whether or not we will be able to hold this training.

In Woodstock, New York – September 24-28, 2021

On Zoom – two ninety minute classes, schedule to be announced

This training provides advanced training and supervision in the application of the Realization Process practices to psychological healing. Emphasis will be on refining your use of the Realization Process trauma release technique, refining your perception of trauma-based holding patterns in the client’s body, listening and responding to a client as fundamental consciousness, applying the Realization Process practices to healing a range of psychological issues including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sexual abuse, physical abuse, social and intimacy difficulties, inter-generational and cultural trauma, and overwhelm from sensitivity to emotional and sensory stimuli.  Participants will work with each other, in front of the group, and receive feedback and suggestions from Judith.

Format: Five days with Judith in Woodstock, NY., two ninety minute online classes with Judith

Requirements for registration: Full certification in the Realization Process. At least one year of professional experience in a healing modality.  This training is only for people who are using or plan to use the Realization Process Healing Ground practices with their clients.

Certification: Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist

Cost – $900 – Registration is limited to sixteen people.  Contact Judith to reserve a place in the training: [email protected].

To Register – Registration will open on May 1, 2021, if we are able to hold this training.  Please do not make any travel or lodging reservations until we are sure that the pandemic is over.

October, 2021

Realization Process Embodiment Online Teacher Certification Training

October 8, 2021 – April 15, 2022

Registration is open now.

Online, via Zoom
With Judith Blackstone

This training includes the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, as well as specific embodiment and gentle movement practices for attuning to fundamental consciousness within one’s whole body. These practices cultivate internal unity, balance, fluidity, presence and subtle energy within the body.

As the embodiment of fundamental consciousness, we become both empty and present at the same time.   We know ourselves as the integration of awareness, emotion and physical sensation.  We perceive, understand, touch, move, and express ourselves with the whole breadth of our being.

Participants will learn how to recognize and help people resolve chronic imbalances and tensions in the body that limit embodiment and the realization of fundamental consciousness. The training is also an opportunity to deepen your own embodiment and realization of nondual, fundamental consciousness.

To register, download the application: Embodiment.Online.Application.21.22fill it out, and email it to [email protected]. If your application is accepted, you will receive an invoice, via PayPal, to pay the tuition.

Format: 12 classes live on Zoom with Judith Blackstone.  Fridays at 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern. October 8, 22, November 12, 19, December 3, 17, 2021; February 4, 18, March 4, 18, April 1, 15, 2022 – And:  For people who can not make Judith’s 1:00 class, because of time zone or other issues, the same class will be offered on the same days at 6:30 PM Eastern with senior teacher Candace Cave.  Everyone is welcome to attend either or both classes, but please indicate on the application if you will be attending the 6:30 PM class.  Both classes will receive the recordings of Judith’s and Candace’s class.

Weekly practice with a partner assigned from within the training group. Monthly practice with someone from outside of the training group. Optional meetings with Practice Cohort. Eleven brief written reports/questions responded to by Judith via email.

Requirement for registration:  You must experience the Realization Process practices in a class, workshop, or private sessions with Judith or a certified Realization Process teacher before registering for the training.  Please check the Schedule of Events page of the website for Realization Process classes and workshops.

Certification: Realization Process Embodiment Teacher

Cost – $1400 ($1000 if you are repeating the Realization Process Embodiment Teacher Certification Training)

Realization Process Workshop

October 30-November 3, 2021

10:00-4:15 on Saturday-Tuesday; 9:00-noon on Wednesday

We will decide on June 1, 2021 if we can hold this workshop.  Please do not make any travel or lodging arrangements until then.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
With Judith Blackstone

Judith will teach all aspects of the Realization Process: nondual meditation, embodiment, relational attunement and the release of trauma-based constrictions from the body.  This is a chance to do deep, intensive practice of the Realization Process.


Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast Inn and Event Center
1917 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan


Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast Inn and Event Center is holding a block of rooms for this event.  If you’d like to stay on the property please send an email to [email protected] and let the inn know you are with The Realization Process Workshop and they will get back to you with the specific rooms available and the price and make your reservation.  Let them know if you would like to come in the night before the workshop starts (October 29). Please include your phone number.  Breakfast is included with your stay and the inn is beautiful and peaceful.  Their website is  The rooms may fill up so make your reservation soon.

If the rooms at the Stone Chalet fill up, there are many hotels and airbnbs in the area.  There are also local workshop participants with rooms to let in their homes.

Cost for tuition – $740  

Series and Ongoing Classes with Senior Teachers

Ongoing Classes

Realization Process Classes

With Liz Hartshorn, LMT, RCST

Online, Via Zoom

Mondays and Thursdays, 12:00-12:30 PM Eastern – Free

Saturdays, 10:00-11:00 AM Eastern – $10 per class (or whatever you can pay)

For more information or to receive your Zoom link: email [email protected],

Online Practice Group - Free or by donation

With Cindy Cunningham

Online, Via Zoom

Thursdays, 6:00-7:15 PM BST

Come join us for this online Realization Process group practice, to nurture and support through these challenging times. All are welcome. This is a drop in class, free or by donation.

+44 (0)7767067077, [email protected]

Realization Process Online Community Practice

On Zoom (80 minutes)
Sundays, 10:00 AM Pacific, hosted by Candace Cave

Mondays, 4:00 PM Pacific, hosted by Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster

On-going, reliable (weekly since 2016), supportive guided practice for RP practitioners & students. An online place to gather with others exploring RP & to discover myriad RP exercises. Enjoy companionship while deepening your embodied presence within the unified field of fundamental consciousness.  Drop-ins welcome, but please communicate with Candace before initial attendance ([email protected]. Audio recording provided to all participants.

Cost: $5 or donation. More Information:

Embodying our Essence

On Zoom
With Roma Hammel and Maja Apolonia Rode

Last Sunday of the Month: September – May, 12:00-1:00 PM Pacific

Embodying our spiritual essence is healing and harmonizing for us, others, and this earth. Weaving original poetry, songs, and zither music with Realization Process meditations, we call heartful mystics and meditators to sense and embody emerging facets of Essence (fundamental consciousness) each month illuminating shimmering depths in being human.

 Learn more – Register here

Realization Process Meditation for All

With Zeb Lancaster, PhD

Now online on Zoom
Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 PM Pacific Time, and Fridays, 8:00-9:00am Pacific Time

Practice exploring RP in a non-demanding online environment for one hour, no experience needed. Experience Fundamental Consciousness as a unified relational field of consciousness. Discover inner support to skillfully manage both your need for meaningful contact when in isolation and to uncover emotional autonomy from unwanted influences. Drop-ins welcome ( $5 minimum contribution.

Realization Process Meditation Class

Thursdays, two options: 3 PM and 5:30 PM Eastern

Online, via Zoom
With Joy Collins

This class is for new and experienced meditators. We explore the basic Realization Process practices in a small group.

For more information, contact Joy at [email protected] or at 585.749.0695


Healthy Flowing Instincts: Essential for Embodiment

With Roma Hammel

Online, Via Zoom

Ten Thursdays: Jan 7, 14, 21, Feb 11, 25, Mar 4, 11, Apr 1, 8 15, 2021
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific, plus three private sessions

We will use Realization Process practices to liberate us from being governed by dominant, distorted, or repressed responses to what Enneagram experts describe as our instinctual needs: self-preservation: taking care of practical necessities, social: maintaining interpersonal relationships, and sexual: experiencing the vitality of our life force, feeling substantive, secure, and vibrantly alive; connecting authentically in mutually nourishing relationships, and embodying the radiant transparency of our True Nature. We will also sense into each instinct to recognize and release limiting somatic and energetic holding patterns; transmute subtle signals of unhealthy instinctual energies; and cultivate healthy flowing energies essential for awakening into a joyous, creative, sensuous, and liberated life.

For more information or to register, please contact Roma Hammel at [email protected] or at

Two Online Series with Michael Lydon

The Enlightenment Process 6-Week Experiential Book Club

Begins January 11, twelve sessions, 6:30 PM Eastern

Defining enlightenment as: “the experience of one’s own nature as subtle, unified consciousness,” The Enlightenment Process by Judith Blackstone explores and demystifies the progression of enlightenment after the initial realization. This series is suitable to all levels of experience with the Realization Process. Recordings of meditation and lecture content will be made available.  Cost – $360


5-Session Trauma Repair Intensive: Healing Conditioning at the Core

Begins Thursday, January 14. Mondays & Thursdays, 1:00-2:30 PM, Eastern Time

Join a supportive group environment for Realization Process Healing Ground practices – learn how to release trauma from the core of your mind-body-energy system. Practice gentle attunements, the Realization Process release technique, and inquiry practices for finding the purpose of constrictions. Includes 2 x 30-minute individualized sessions for release work per student. Recordings of meditations and lecture content will be made available.

Cost: $160

Realization Process and Jin Shin Jyutsu

With Roberta Tachi

Online, Via Zoom

Six sessions – Thursdays, February 4 – March 11, 2021

7:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern

Is working from home causing you a “tech neck”?  Be your own stress reliever.  This class will help you release tension in the body using Realization Process techniques coupled with an ancient Japanese Acupressure method called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Cost – $397.  Please contact Roberta at [email protected]

Belonging Here: Realization Process Practices for Spiritually Sensitive People

With Theresa Scott

Online, via Zoom

Wednesdays, March 3 – April 7, 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern

This 6-week class is focused on developing and strengthening resilience in challenging times. It is based on the lessons in Judith Blackstone’s book Belonging Here: A Guidefor Spiritually Sensitive People.  One 60-minute private session is included in your registration fee.  Classes will be recorded (audio only) and shared with registered participants.  Limited to 12 participants.

Cost: $350, Returning Students: $250 (You will need to have a copy of Belonging Here in order to participate in this course.)

For more information, visit: Belonging Here Course with Theresa Scott

Classes Temporarily On Hold

Realization Process Practice Group

Essential Realization Process practices.

First Congregational Church, Mayflower room, 1st floor, 608 East Williams Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan

With Marcia Haarer, LMSW and Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP

First Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8:30 PM Eastern

For more information, email [email protected]

Realization Process Monthly Practice Group

In Portland, Oregon

With Jon Hansen

Second Monday of each month, 7:00-8:30 PM

For registration, location and information, email [email protected]

Past Conferences and Webinars with Judith

Sounds True Presents: Trauma Skills Summit

August 17-26, 2020

Twenty-four leaders in the field of trauma healing, including Judith Blackstone, Peter Levine, Daniel Siegel, and Richard Schwartz discuss their approach to helping people heal from the effects of trauma.  Presentations are pre-recorded.  Judith’s presentation was shown on August 23.

To own the summit, (bonus: receive three free books by Judith Blackstone, Peter Levine and Richard Schwartz), for $147: click here

Embodied Psychology Summit - July 22-26, 2020

Five-day summit: Teachers, researchers and healers in the Embodiment and Body Psychotherapy fields, including Judith Blackstone, Stephen Porges, Christine Caldwell, Pat Ogden and Don Hanlon Johnson present ways to heal trauma, stress and pain. Includes bonus gifts.

Cost – $147 – To purchase

Tracing Trauma

Online Conference Presented by Embodied Philosophy

Thirteen presenters, including Judith Blackstone, Stephen Porges, Richard C. Miller and Rae Johnson, speak about spiritual and embodied approaches to healing from trauma.

You can purchase the conference for $197.  You will receive videos, audio recordings and transcripts of all presentations as well as bonus material from each of the presenters and 15 CEUs from Yoga Alliance.

SAND Webinar with Judith Blackstone - Trauma and the Unbound Body

Judith teaches the main Realization Process practices, and their application to psychological healing, and the release of trauma-based constrictions from the body.  Three-class webinar presented by Science and Nonduality (SAND), 2019. $35

To purchase

SAND Webinar with Judith Blackstone - Presence and Emptiness

In this three-class webinar, Judith teaches and explains the main practices of the Realization Process, a direct path to embodied, nondual awakening.  Presented by Science and Nonduality (SAND), 2020. $49 To purchase

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