Healing Ground

The Realization Process Healing Ground applies the realization of fundamental consciousness to personal maturity, psychological healing and the release of trauma based patterns from the body.
In this aspect of the work, the main Realization Process practices are combined with verbal process and a unique, precise method for recognizing and releasing the subtle holding patterns that constrict the body, energy and mind. The release of these patterns heals the chronic fragmentations in your own being and between yourself and your environment, and helps remove obstacles to nondual realization. It frees, deepens and integrates all of your human capacities, so that you can know, feel, sense, perceive and respond with your whole being.

The embodiment of fundamental consciousness is the basis of self-confidence, safety, authenticity, and spontaneity. It opens you to the innate qualities and functions of your being, including sexuality, love, personal strength, understanding, and self-expression. Specific practices facilitate grounding, and resilience to sensory and emotional stimuli. These practices can be of particular help for people who are spiritually sensitive to live more comfortably in the world.

The fundamental ground of your being has never been injured. As you attune to it, you can become free of depression, anxiety, bitterness and confusion. You can experience the spontaneous upwelling of compassion for yourself and others. You can find within your body an innate, ever-present source of equanimity and happiness.

The Realization Process consists of — by far — the most practical, efficient, effective, and transformative processes I have experienced. That’s saying a lot, because I have been fortunate enough to encounter some truly outstanding and remarkable teachers and guides. As I have come to appreciate the beauty and power of my whole and true nature (our individual, yet common, birthright as human beings), issues that I have struggled with my whole life are resolving and dissolving.

Robert Kenny

Realization Process teacher

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