Embodiment and Movement

Realization Process Embodiment

The Embodiment aspect of the Realization Process combines the main Realization Process practices with subtle movement practices for cultivating the luminous transparency of fundamental consciousness throughout the whole body. These practices teach you how to bring the stillness of fundamental consciousness into movement. They also open the body’s subtle energy channels, integrate the mind, breath and body, and develop the essential qualities of being, such as love, awareness, power and sexuality. They develop balance, fluidity, expressiveness, and vitality. For nondual realization to be an actual transformation of our being, rather than just a change in our beliefs, it requires an awakening of fundamental consciousness in the whole body.

These practices can also help heal physical injuries and chronic structural problems, they can bring expressiveness and breadth to gestures and movement, and they can refine our sense of touch.

Stillness Moving

The Realization Process practices are applied to dance for cultivating fluidity, presence and expressiveness. When you include embodied consciousness in your movement, you move with your whole being. The Stillness Moving workshops are for anyone, of any age, who would like to move more easily.  Moving as fundamental consciousness also helps stabilize nondual realization.

I have been working with the Realization Process, in Edinburgh, for almost two years and it's such a beautiful, gentle, nurturing process.  During the last two years I've rediscovered my body as a beautiful sanctuary and the quality of my emotional, physical and spiritual experience has become deep and rich and more joyful.

Alison Buckle

Realization Process student

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