Roma Hammel

At some point a fierce inner drive arises, not just to survive – but to be free. A nondual embodiment teacher, I invite you into a direct experience of oneness – and the infinite possibilities of our being completely connected and completely free. I teach the path I have been traveling. A physician taught me to access luminous healing states of consciousness after a rare but catastrophic spinal injury. A Taoist taught me to apprehend sacred spaces where Being flourishes after a divorce broke me open. Gently and precisely, Judith Blackstone taught me to heal unresolved traumas so that I could live within my whole body, substantive and secure, alive and responsive to the world around me.

The Realization Process, a direct path to embodied nondual awakening, unwinds hearts, bodies, and minds towards wholeness, towards realizing our own nature as fundamental consciousness. Ancient Taoist practices refine and transmute the body and mind into an integrated, unified and dynamic whole, aligned with the flow of life and its constant transformation.

  • We attain serene integrity through deep acceptance of life.
  • We open into infinite lightness when touched by the ground of love.
  • We unveil pure joy realizing the exquisite primal flow of being alive.

Tenderness matters. Gentleness matters. Presence matters. Whether you participate in small-group series, retreats, teacher trainings, or intensive personal work, I offer life-affirming, nourishing guidance towards embodying a joyous, creative, sensuous and liberated life.

Additional certification in Advanced Trauma Repair, Stillness Moving and Empathic Ground.

In their own words:

“I mistook Diane for Me, and for the first time am trusting that there is more. Much more. I need to explore the unknown, to trust and let go of the old certainties and stories that bound me.” –  Diane Staves, retired physician


“I can’t even imagine finding anyone else that I would trust to teach me these kinds of practices. My family no longer triggers me. Love and safety live in my body.” – Forest Bennett, Computer Scientist

“Every cell in my body is being lit up by joy. My body calibrates to the light in your being. You are the mirror I never had to help me connect to myself. I see you as a teacher of the language of the soul.” – Louise Bielenstein, Coordinator, Stockholm City 

”You are the only person I ever named teacher. Our sessions bring me to where I want to be, where I feel that I belong. give me the tools and the map and the courage to go down the path I know I belong. I’ve so much gratitude and trust in you.” – Be’erit Konforty, Student

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