Roma Hammel

Embarking on a path to embrace and express the fullness of your being, both in individual experience and in relation to others, can be profoundly transformative. As a nondual teacher and mentor, I invite you to journey where powerful practices reveal the radiance of your true nature and dissolve obstacles to living joyously. Rooted in the inherent nondual wisdom of fundamental consciousness, I share the route I’ve traveled. A compassionate physician led me into deep meditative states following a life-altering spinal injury. Amid a mid-life crisis, a sage Taoist revealed the art of transmuting suffering into peace. With the guidance of Judith Blackstone, visionary founder of the Realization Process, I released unresolved traumas, allowing me to live within my whole body—substantive and secure, open and responsive to the world around me. With gratitude to my mentors, I invite you to awaken, embody your true self, and live joyously.

Decades ago, my spiritual exploration propelled me to delve into diverse perspectives on the nature of reality and the evolution of human consciousness. Inspired by visionary philosophers and groundbreaking insights from educators, anthropologists, and feminists, I earned a PhD in Integral Philosophy. This philosophy posits that consciousness is the essential structure of the human psyche, the essential structure of human reality, and is central to the evolution of the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal domains of our lives. My dissertation documented that liberating oneself from distorted perceptions and unconscious beliefs in personal and social realms can irrevocably restructure one’s psyche, radically transforming one’s experience of self, other, and the universe. Realizing the oneness that constitutes your original nature is, at its core, a profound spiritual journey.

I founded the Advanced Realization Process Mentoring Program with a singular mission: to invite individuals on an extraordinary journey to live and teach authentically. This carefully-crafted eight-month program fosters profound nondual realization and authentic self-expression. Within an intimate and supportive environment, participants cultivate a profound kinship and a deep sense of belonging. This approach nourishes relational and emotional healing, instilling trust in the healing process organically unfolding. Through hands-on experiences, such as guiding meditations, facilitating somatic inquiries, and leading live healing sessions, they transmute insights into compelling teachings, unveiling the art of navigating life’s challenges with grace and courage. Embracing the role of a healing presence charts the course toward embodying consciousness in service of human flourishing.
With over three decades of practice in Neigong and Tantric Buddhism, I am empowered and authorized by Joe Hing Kwok Chu to teach Tao and offer wordless guidance, illuminating the radiance of our absolute nature. Whether you seek a vivid sense of living, a secure sense of being, the dissolution of obstacles to intimacy, or exploration of subtle realms of consciousness, I warmly invite you on a journey all the way home to your true self.

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I can barely begin to explain the alchemy of Roma’s work. Her ability to guide me into a lived, visceral integration of body, mind and heart is a gift I didn’t expect to experience in this lifetime.” – Cynthia Riha
“Roma is the most amazing teacher. She has great skill at holding space, pushing and probing in the most kindest and gentlest of ways that can bring about such dramatic and subtle change simultaneously. Very few have the depth of experience, kindness, inclusiveness and generosity as Roma, whilst remaining true to herself. It has been a truly wonderful and magical journey. Thank you.” – Louise Reader
“Roma is an extraordinary teacher. She is vibrantly alive, wise and a healing presence. She embodies and transmissions the unconditional love and luminosity of fundamental consciousness. She understands the subtleties of how people disconnect from themselves and others and offers a safe space for people to open up their hearts, experience their essence and deeply connect with themselves and the world around them.” – Fiona Ballmer
“Every once in a while someone comes into our lives and we are transformed. Roma is that someone for me. Through her loving and precise guidance, I have developed a deep appreciation of my human qualities. She helped me become more me”. – Kishore Bubna

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