Roberta Tachi

I joined the Realization Process after decades of experience practicing and teaching several healing modalities. Unlike any other, it is simple, yet deeply transformative. I am originally from Brazil, but I’ve also lived in Japan, New York, and California. This allowed me the opportunity to introduce this practice to hundreds of people across nations with various backgrounds. This experience has given me the precision and expertise to perceive the blocks in my client’s body and help them heal.

Physical pain, anxiety, and depression are the most common reasons clients work with me. Other reasons include increased creativity, mental clarity and many more. I have clients with trauma as well as clients who are simply trying to live a more balanced life.

I teach you to attune to your body, so that tensions, repressed emotions and negative thoughts that are harmful to you may be released. I also work on a psychological level, helping you unlearn conditioned responses and break harmful associations. This equips you to respond to life in a new and healthy way.

I have firsthand experience of the benefits of the Realization Process. A traumatic childhood and a debilitating autoimmune disease had left me pain and aches in several parts of my body. By following the Process, I was able to remove tensions and fears, to calm my mind, and ultimately to lead a more relaxed and fulfilled life.

In my classes you will be guided in a system of attuning exercises that include some subtle physical movements. With enhanced body awareness, you begin to align your body and clear the blocks. In a private session, I walk you through the task of releasing specific inner constrictions that prevent you from being your true Self. Intelligence, love, expression, power, and sexuality, are some of the aspects that are cultivated in this connection to the true Self.

A real integration of body, mind, and spirit, the Realization Process has the power to change one’s life. Its gentle nature makes it accessible to anyone, young and old, physically abled and challenged, and those with and without any experience with meditation. I hope to be able to guide you through this transformative journey, so that we can enjoy life without pain.

Additional certification as a Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist, a Stillness Moving Teacher, an Empathic Ground Teacher and a Healing Through Embodiment Teacher.

I work in person in San Jose, California, or by phone or online. My classes and sessions are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

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