Marcia Haarer

The Realization Process revolutionized my psychotherapy practice and enlivened my spiritual practices. Ever since my spirited exploration of Self during my early twenties, I knew that psychotherapy and meditation go hand in hand as tools of transformational change. After earning a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan, I incorporated the teaching of meditation into psychodynamic therapy, a specialty in trauma recovery techniques and somatic release.

What struck me as radical about the Realization Process was this notion that there is a geography to this “center of Being” that can be taught and felt within the body with relative simplicity. Experiencing the world from this enlivened center of my own Being brought me back to my own awakening of feeling the world as vibration, as vibration itself. Finding this center of Being within me led me to realize that this center of Being is within each person. That’s why the deepest somatic releases occur when the therapist sits in Core-to-Core contact with clients, each of us centered within ourselves, open to unmediated knowing from the information-rich ground of Being.

A decades-experienced meditator recently saw me about childhood trauma, and I gave her the feedback to find her heart chakra a bit deeper in her chest. Immediately she experienced the stillness and spaciousness of her heart chakra and burst into tears of joy and relief. She had been meditating for years forward of that place, in the place of pain and betrayal of her memories. She could now toggle back and forth between the expansive healing heart space and the place of so much pain and grief. She then had the experience that by feeling them both at the same time that the expansive heart space could actually begin to metabolize the pain and grief. Disentangling into Wholeness reveals the beauty of being human.

What will you experience if we sit Core-to-Core? My work with you may be to strengthen your ability to see your story with love rather than shame or terror, or it may be to guide you in centering deeper within your Core. These subtle shifts can open a person to new levels of their stories, feelings, and sense of self.

As a nondual Realization Process therapist and teacher, I work with individuals, couples, and groups in person, on the phone, or on video through Zoom. I train RP teachers and am available for supervision. Please accept my invitation to discover the rich textures of Self within, and Stillness everywhere.

Additional certification as a Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist.

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