Christi Bemister

As a spiritual mentor, esoteric bodyworker, and clinical psychologist with decades of experience, I offer you direction to discover deep healing and profound connection. Learn an embodied approach to integrate mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of your being, to the very core of your self. The journey we take together is a practical framework, with a focus on the Realization Process, to guide you on your personal path to healing.

I invite you to experience the stillness within your own breath with the Realization Process. This transformative experience brings you to fully embody your own life, transcend duality, and discover the depths of your being for true healing from within. This process offers an opportunity to heal past wounds, release limiting beliefs, and live a profoundly fulfilling life.

Whether you struggle with chronic pain, addiction, or trauma, you can find self-understanding, embodiment, and resolution as we explore new attitudes and feelings towards life’s challenges together. As you heal and stabilize in your core, you are free to weave healthy and vibrant relationships.

A personal and practical story. Many years ago, I was introduced to Judith Blackstone and the Realization Process at a retreat center in New York State. At the insistence of my friend, we drove from Michigan for a day together with Judith. Initially, the experience seemed quite ordinary, until Judith performed a relational healing with a focus on our mothers. She began with simple breathing exercises. Soon, she suggested that I inhabit my body and visualize my mother in front of me. I was given instructions to experience my body as I referred to specific areas of my mother’s body. Suddenly, I had a profound realization and saw both my mother and my grandmother standing in front of me. I felt my grandmother’s disappointment with my mother’s intelligence contracting my mother’s power, followed by my mother’s disdain for my own intelligence contracting my own. As I continued to experience this, compassion arose and a release occurred, lifting a burden from me, as well as my mother, and grandmother. A sense of personal power had been restored through this direct experience. For the first time in my life, I felt clarity and compassion for my mother. This simple exercise profoundly affected me, demonstrating the power of the Realization Process. Since then, it has become a significant part of my personal growth and the work I do with others.

As a nondual Realization Process psychotherapist, mentor, and senior teacher, I work with individuals, couples, and groups in person, on the phone, or via video using HIPAA compliant software. As a senior RP teacher trainer, I am available to work directly with RP teachers, providing supervision to help enhance skills for your own work.


Marci says, “My work with Christi helped me identify negative triggers in my life and move through them to release both emotional and physical pain. Her guided expertise helped me become grounded, establish healthy boundaries, experience joy, and invite calmness into my life.”


Kim said,It is amazing, when I sit back and get into my body, how a solution to small things comes clear very quickly. #mytherapistrocks.


Emily says,My work with Christi allowed me to become a more mindful and courageous person. She gave me tools to change how I think and how I move through life. Christi is supportive, compassionate, and honest. She is an active listener and has a grounding and calming presence. She is an amazing human!”



Fully certified Realization Process Senior Teacher

  • Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist, &
  • Stillness Moving Teacher


Session fee: $190, for a 60-minute session.


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