Christi Bemister

As a licensed clinical psychologist, also trained in holistic healing modalities, I embody compassion and experience to help you heal, uncover your strengths, and create a quality life. I use an integrated mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical framework tailored to you. These methods foster self-understanding and encouragement to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards resolving life’s concerns. My clinical training focused on chronic pain, addiction, and trauma using a variety of modalities including CBT, Exposure Therapy, and more. I have 25+ years study and training in spiritual, mindfulness, and other more alternative healing practices including the Realization Process. I am available to supervise RP teachers and therapists.

My introduction to the Realization Process came while writing my dissertation. I was unable to give RP my full attention, yet one simple RP exercise—focusing in the center of my head, facilitated an integration of my work in a new and profound way. I began to use it for myself and credit this one exercise, with helping me finish my academic studies on time because it helped me to relax. Once done with my studies, I began training with Judith regularly. I then integrated RP exercises in all areas of my work. I have found RP to be effective for all clients and especially helpful for clients with chronic pain, addiction, or trauma as it appears to lessen a client’s fight/flight response leading them to a body awareness that seemed out of reach prior to RP. As a result, the Realization Process has led the way to embodiment and sensory integration in a profound way for most everyone in my practice. I believe the Realization Process is an amazing method that leads to healing, health, and integration.

Additional certification as a Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist and a Stillness Moving Teacher.

To find out more visit: or call (734) 834-4429.

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