Candace Cave

The Realization Process allows us to be our own guru of enlightenment. I don’t claim to be enlightened, but I am stable in my awakened embodied experience because of the Realization Process. I provide unwavering support and wise guidance to anyone who wants to use RP to explore and open to the primary attributes of nondual realization: stability, depth (openness), subtlety, transparency, and wholeness.  My expertise lies in my intimacy with embodied experience of the ground of being and my deep commitment to the subtle details of the Realization Process methodology.

“Feel that you’re inside the whole body at once… Experience that the space inside and the space outside are the same continuous space…” dramatically shifted my embodied relationship, with everything. I’d been 40 years exploring, and 20 years teaching, embodiment experiences culled from numerous western and eastern practices and traditions. The Realization Process combines all that wisdom, and more, into a simple, elegant, clearly discernable, well-studied, and brilliantly practical method that perfectly fits my life-long work: to reliably awaken and stabilize subtle experience as embodied wholeness and the ground of being.

Realization Process students have described me as “down-to-earth… interested… warm… compassionate… knowledgeable… skilled… honest… human… insightful… helpful…”  I sometimes can articulately describe, and almost always can help you accurately discern, what it feels like in your body to use the Realization Process to embody, awaken, stabilize, and find depth within the most subtle dimension of yourself.

Blessed with a splendid therapeutic location for in person Realization Process guiding, my home/office in Ashland, Oregon is a garden sanctuary with several vacation rental cottages. Non-local RP students can arrange personal or small-group Realization Process retreats, and travelers along the Interstate 5 corridor are welcome to schedule a private session as an embodiment rest stop. I’ve traveled as far as Australia to guide RP workshops.

I particularly enjoy the convenience of the Realization Process online. I’ve the privilege of standing as Judith Blackstone’s assistant in the RP Tele-Trainings, and have guided hundreds of individual spiritual/nondual embodiment students involved in learning all aspects of Realization Process. I host a weekly RP community meeting available to all Realization Process practitioners.

“I don’t know what it is, but I know we can experience it… it’s been described for thousands of years.” Judith’s words help me trust the Realization Process, and orient my philosophical perspective towards nondual/spiritual awakening. I am honored to provide Realization Process support and help you use the method to guide your embodied awakening. Delighted to share the Realization Process in groups and workshops, I also explore RP individually with practiced beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners, plus I supervise RP teachers.

Additional certification as a Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist and a Stillness Moving Teacher.

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