Candace Cave

The Realization Process guides each of us to be our own enlightenment guru. I don’t claim to be enlightened or a guru, but I am stable in my embodied experience of fundamental consciousness. I live and breathe in the subtle core of my body. My internal experience is settled within and as an unwavering pervasive unified spacious stillness. This ongoing feeling of me awake and conscious everywhere inside my body is because of Realization Process, a simple, elegant, clearly discernable, well-studied, and brilliantly practical method to reliably awaken and stabilize subtle nondual experience of embodied wholeness of being.

I provide unwavering support and wise knowledgeable guidance to anyone who wants to use Realization Process to uncover, embody, and explore the primary attributes of nondual realization: steadiness, depth/openness, wholeness, fluidity, and subtlety/transparency.  My expertise arises from my intimacy with embodied experience of the ground of being, my deep commitment to the most subtle experiential principles and details of the Realization Process methodology, plus my personal voyage and that of my students.

I offer classes and workshops for people at all levels of Realization Process experience, including twice-weekly online community practice meetings for dedicated practitioners. I work privately with anyone who has some practiced experience with RP and wants to increase subtle embodied discernment, open more interior space, live in the subtle core of their body, and disentangle habitual grasping. My skills include Judith Blackstone’s Stillness Moving embodiment and Healing Ground trauma repair. And my passion is helping RP practitioners become RP teachers (RP student teachers receive private session discounts during trainings). RP students describe me as “warm,” “a deep listener,” “insightful,” “grounded,” “supportive,” “enthusiastic,” “compassionate…”

Most of my RP work is currently online via Zoom, but I hope to begin offering retreats and in-person experiences again soon. I reside in southern Oregon, USA (near Ashland). When conditions are favorable, I have traveled as far as Australia to teach Realization Process.

I am not a therapist or a spiritual guide. I am an experienced and perceptive Realization Process senior teacher and teacher trainer. We’ll use the myriad tools RP offers to naturally support you while your whole body and mind moves toward awakening and healing, so your healing arises out of the pervasive space of fundamental consciousness. RP will help you uncover and learn to live and breathe within a stable experience of your embodied wholeness of being. I’m delighted to help you navigate the voyage.

Additional certification as a Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist, a Stillness Moving Teacher, an Empathic Ground Teacher and a Healing Through Embodiment Teacher.

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